13 Jul

NCPC’s capacity development plan formulated by its program director was just approved by the Board.

the capacity development plan was formulated during the organizational diagnosis workshop conducted last May. the activity was facilitated by Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) under the CSOs capacity program funded by USAID.

NCPC was among the 120 civil society organization identified for capacity building intervention under the program. more than 1000 CSOs was invited and one-fourth of which signifies need for intervention and NCPC was among the 120 CSOs priorities for assistance. the selection process was not based on the necessity but rather on the qualification of basic requirements and willingness to improve.

the capacity development plan (CDP) was approved alongside the capacity assessment tool (CAT) that qualifies NCPC as an expanding organization with a rate of 4 from out of 6 and 6 being the highest and considered as mature organization. said plan and CAT will be assessed by AFI for identification of its mentor. the mentor will guide NCPC in the improvement in terms of governance and leadership, strategic planning and management, program design implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation (PDIMME), resource mobilization and development, financial managament and administrative and personnel management.

NCPC hopes that by March 2014, it will have a comprehensive manual of operation that will encompass all of the stated areas that is also regularly reviewed, enhanced and follow to the letter and a globally competitive institution.


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