… Naga City as a happy home to every Nagueño

… Where every constituent respects the dignity of a person, are disciplined, gender-sensitive, God loving and discerning;

… Where everyone have access to economic  opportunities and social services;

… Where every household live in descent condition;

… Where there is industrial peace;

… Where agricultural communities are maintained Sustainable

… Where environment is protected and nurtured; &

… Where there is sincere cooperation between civil society and the LGU.

… Itself to become a city-based NGO/PO Council

… Where all NGOs/POs and the private sector are affiliate with;

… Where every member, in particular, in the    network, in general, as a whole are:







      … And, enjoys acceptance, recognition and respect of the LGU of the

City of Naga.


  1. to create, articulate and realize our vision for the country and local communities through the forging and implementation of policies, strategies and programs of action towards sustainable and equitable development;   
  2. to enter into partnership in the local governance with the city government of Naga and other willing local units preferably within the Bicol Region;    
  3. to intensify barangay socio-economic development through development approach and full mobilization and maximum development of available resources it may tap or generate;
  4. to fortify commitment towards social responsibility, progressive local governance and dynamic developmental technology and balanced rural-urban growth;
  5. to provide venue for developmental education through the sponsorship of training programs, seminars, workshops and other activities that facilitate the achievement of these objectives;
  6. to facilitate the creation of mechanism and structures that will ensure people participation in local governance;
  7. to establish social enterprise to finance the realization of the objectives stated above; and
  8. secure social financing to provide capital for the enterprise stated in   letter g.

2 Responses to “vision”

  1. getmovement March 2, 2012 at 2:56 AM #

    can i have a contact to the chairman or the secretariat of NCPC?

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